Did you know that you stole the only thing I needed?

There was a time when you used to see right through me, you saw through everything I wasn’t and into everything I was afraid to be. That’s how you became my refuge, my safe place, my hope. When I asked myself how could I survive what I was going through, I thought of you and found strenght to keep going, and when I asked myself if there were people in the world worth looking for, I thought of you and it let me hope that maybe someday I wouldn’t be so lonely.

Now things have changed. You don’t see through me anymore, in fact, you don’t even see me. You’ve become exactly what I dreaded the most. You no longer have all the answers because you can’t seem to ask the right questions. Now you’re just as polite as the next guy and you may fulfill society’s standars perfectly but you are nowhere close to fulfilling mine, and you don’t even care. Because I’m not a priority anymore.

Thank God I don’t need you anymore.

Thank God I don’t need a refuge anymore.

Thank God now I can be my own refuge.

Thank God I know now that the only person worth looking for is myself.